Monday, 27 January 2014

new hur, new fur

 Back to blue
Last night i dyed my hair back to Blullini From Awkward Peach, It's my favourite colour of them all!
 i absolutely love BLEACH it's such a good/easy product to use, especially if you get bored of your hair colour constantly.. and at £5 a bottle you can't say no to that bargain!
 everyone should give it a try! especially if colour is your thing!
new garms.. fur

I recently bought my first ever fur coat.. how lovely is it?!
I'm normally not one for fur coats as i find alot of them look rather cheap and nasty! and alot of them i find are short, i dont like short coats.. non of them genuinly don't suit me.. i'm one for long coats!
 But this fits like a little dream.. This is a short fur, which is perfect for me! and even better it was long and in black. fate for sure!
I got this in the Topshop sale in Norwich was originally £90 down to £55 and also with 10% student discount i got it for £49 how could i possibly say no to that little treasure!?
I picked out a size 12 instead of a 10 i just love clothes being a tad oversized.. i find them more comfortable to wear, i cant stand clingy tight clothes!
 plus i can roll up the sleeves a little and it has a leather lining on the inside.. leather against fur is a winner!
Hope you enjoyed this little read
Let me know your thoughts of the products..


  1. You are now my number one hair crush, it physically hurts how much I'm loving that colour and your new coat. Fab editing on the pictures too, it's different, I like it :)


  2. Aw, thankyou! I'm obsessed with coloured hair at the moment especially this colour! The joy of finally having photoshop on my laptop hehe x

  3. Your hair looks awesome !! Such a cool color !!
    Just followed you on GFC and bloglovin :)

  4. you're hair looks so cool! i wish i had the balls to bleach my hair haha

    love Katy @ THE RAWRDROBE

  5. thanks christina!:)
    you should katy! whats the worst that could happen!? i'd recommend bleach londons colour if you did decide to do it:)