Sunday, 12 January 2014

london - new purchases


yesterday i went fabric shopping in London for the day with some of my gal palz, so i thought this would be a good time to wear my new purchases! 
I've recently bought a new lipstick from collection, it's my favourite lipstick I've bought for a long while! it's a deep red colour called 'Gothic glam' revenge 3 it's £2.99 but please don't be afraid of the the price tag, i know some people might think it's too cheap but it really isn't!
 It stays on for such a long period of time i only have to retouch after I've eaten ect.. like normally the same with any other lipstick. big prices aren't always best!


My new black and white pleated tartan skirt from boohoo this was £20 but if you look for discount codes online you can get 20% off so do make sure before you buy from any clothing website you look for a code before hand.. i do love a bargain if i can find one!
I was super worried i wasn't going to like the fit of this skirt as this is so different to what i'd normally wear, but i do absolutely love it!
 The width of the skirt is so wide.. but it gives it the flowy-ness it needs! when i walk it has a mind of it's own.
To accessorise this outfit to my own taste i put the smallest things to it, and it changed it completely!
 putting my belt with it just to separate it, my chunky boots and leather jacket was key for me! 

What do you guys think of my new purchases? 

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