Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Charity shop gems!

I spent my afternoon charity shopping in Beaconsfield to see what gems i could find!
I found this (REALLY) oversized cardigan size 20 from Oxfam for £8.09! for the quality it is i thought it was right little treasure!
I also found this lace top for £3.50 from Shawtrust. I thought it would go well with all of the plain black dresses i own to brighten it up a little!
It's a win win situation!.. buying clothes, with the money going to a good cause and recycling!
Feeling good!!!!!

Christmas wishlist

This is my first post so i'm sorry if it's a little dogpoo.
For this Christmas i decided to give my boyfriend a wishlist. (As he always leaves gifts till last minute)
I came across this biker oversized jacket when searching on MANGO It's a great purchase!! with quilted faux leather panels. It's super comfy for these cold days. and i can dress it up or down. 
It has recently gone into the sale it was £79.99 and is now £39.99 i'd say that is a pretty decent bargain.