Monday, 14 April 2014

summer sandals

 Latest obsession of mine is with heeled sandals.
I absolutely love them, there the perfect style of shoes for me this spring/summer.
there the kind of shoe i could easily style up or down for occasions.
 I'm a sucker for a chunky heel, always.

These are a few of my favourites that i've come across.

Vagabond lindi leather white platform - £75.00

Dr. Martens Gryphon sandals - £90.00

Vagabond Dioon multi strap - £65.00

Black cleated sole sandals - £40.00

Sunday, 13 April 2014

stripping coloured hair

I thought their would be others that are having the same dilemma that i've been having.. So i deicided to do a post on how i've been stripping colour.
I dyed my hair blullini from the brand Bleach London the colour was great but when it started to fade it was a horrible green (toxic,stilton cheese looking colour) and i didnt know how to get rid of it that didn't include alot of money (being a student and all that jazz)
 nothing seemed to work and then i asked an old friend of mine what she did as she used blullini also..
Rinse hair and dry till it's damp, use about 5 crushed vitamin c tablets and mix it with head&shoulders shampoo and then wrap it in cling film for a few hours and make sure you use plenty of conditioner after as it drys out the hair a little.
It took me a couple of weeks to get it to how it is now but it worked a treat! when rinsing it out i could see so much colour coming out.
I used this method a few times till it was as light as it could get.
It's now a real light green but it helped it loads and it was cheap to do! so now when i go to the hairdressers it'll be easier to go back to white
i highly suggest using this!
Heres a few photos i found from when i was blue till now.

I hope this helps!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


My almost - nearly - finished coat.
Fabric - 100% wool 

I'm super duper happy with the result of this design and make that i've achieved.
Adding a dark brown belt into the garment, but i didnt want it all the way around the design so i decided to unpicked the side seam that has the flared side and also the lining to the width of the belt so i can put it through. Putting the belt under the coat and then coming out through the side seam so it only shows a little and gathers the flared side slightly.

I'll be using snap fastenings down the centre of the design instead of buttons as i want a simplicity look to the coat, all clean cut.
(sorry for the awful quality of the images, i really need to invest in a camera and not rely on my phone.) 

Hope you guys like!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Today i completed my second skirt for my collection.. hoooraaah!
same as the skirt in my previous post - but in white!

Front, side and back 

 Let me know what you guys think of my collection so far!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Black on Black

Being super busy in my final year at university I haven’t had time to do any recent posts, so I thought I’d make a post on what I’ve recently been getting up to with my final collection.
To all reading and don't know what my collection is based on it's inspired by religion wear, mainly nuns..
When looking at my research it seems that alot of imagery i have sourced are mainly by the incredible designer Yohji Yamamoto, for mixing masculinity with femininity to having oversized, loose garments and for his use of dark colour palettes. He is a genius!
when looking for silhouettes, my key words are volume and an exagerated length i found that his work really related to these words and for what i was going for with the collection
Currently been working on two of my final skirts and today I completed my first skirt! Pheeeeww! Sigh of relief, getting that one step closer to finishing!
 I invested in 5.5 metres of this black silk taffeta, it’s amazing to work with and for the shape and volume I was trying to create. Even now it's all sewn together and finished i can still create different shapes with it by just using my hands as it has a stiff, papery feel to it!

Here is a collage of photos i put together of the finished skirt font,side and back
You can also look at designers i'm researching here 
 Hope you guys like!