Monday, 19 January 2015


 Yesterday i had my sisters birthday meal so i thought i'd have a good ol rummage in my wardrobe to see what i could put together.
Thought i'd give it a little rest of wearing my oversized coats/cardigans and get out my leather jacket for a change! and found my kaftan i haven't worn since the summer so decided to layer it up as it's bloody freezing and waalaaa!

 My sister got me this bag for christmas from ASOS and i bloody love it, especially now i'm freelancing alot in london it's such a good size to get around with nothing more annoying than being on the underground in a tight space with a maHOOsive bag.

Monday, 15 December 2014


The past few months i have been super busy and haven't found the time to make a post BUT thats all changed now.. I'm finding the time to fit it in as it's what i love to do!

Now it's bloody freezing outside i needed to invest in a decent pair of everyday boots.
I came across the brand Wanderland. at the Clothes Show Live and saw these boots out the corner of my eye, I do love a chunky boot! and dragged my sister over to their stand to try them on. I was overly happy with the price i purchased them for was £35.00 I was so pleased! now my feet can stay comfortable and warm all winter!

Coat topshop last year/top H&M/Long cardigan Primark/Jeans Primark/Boots Wanderland.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Aveda black shampoo and conditioner.

 i've never been fully content with the colour of my hair... only until recently.. i've discovered a new product i never knew existed before - Aveda black shampoo and conditioner.

Now i've moved back home from university i went with a new hairdressers and I told them about the product i'd normally use, silver shampoo and told them i'm never content with it, as it always leaves a purple tone in my hair and they suggested i'd use this product, it has a similar role to the silver shampoo by knocking out any brassy tones ect. But making it more of a darker shade of grey but still having that ash/silver tone i've always wanted. So i thought what the heck i'll give it a go! i bought 1litre of the shampoo and 250ml of the conditioner and it came to just over £50 for both.
By using this product a couple of times a week and only using a small amount it'll last me a long ol' while.

Here is the result i have on my hair from using this product and i absolutely love it!

I hope this helps anyone that is struggling with getting a grey like this!


Saturday, 16 August 2014

Holiday looks - OOTD/WEEK

I've recently just got back from my Holiday to Nice. And these are a few outfits i put together over the week i spent there.

First outfit - night/beach wear

I absoutely loved wearing this dress over the holiday it was an item that was super easy to wear for both day and night all i added to nightwear was a belt to bring it in a little and waaalaa!


Black maxi dress - Romwe.

Second outfit -  layers

Layering light weight fabrics together for a care free, laid back vibe.

Chiffon top - Missguided / Kaftan - h&m / Shorts - h&m / Sandals - h&m

Third outfit - Smart/Casual 

i've  wanted a duster coat for a while now, and was waiting till i found the perfect one for me, and this is the one, it's a crepe fabric so it's not too light and not too heavy so i can easily wear it in the different seasons. A perfect item i can wear to many different occasions.

Duster coat - Missguided / Crop top - h&m / Trousers - h&m / Sandals - h&m 

Fourth outfit - Summer 

Wanted to buy a basic short,black dress for a while and even though it's black it still adds a little bit of summer to the look.

Dress - Missguided / Belt - h&m (mens) / Duster coat - Missguided / heels - Primark

Hope you guys like my outfits. Let me know what is your favourite :)

Monday, 28 July 2014

OOTD - lazy wear + a little D.I.Y

 A relaxed weekend doing absolutely bugger all, calls for wearing lazy wear.. my favourite kind.

I wasn't too sure whether to post this or not, as it isn't very relevant to my blog but i am super proud of it.. I saved this cute box from going into a bonfire and gave it some tlc a little wash, sanding down and paint and it looks brand new! now what to put in it?..

I now have the urge to go to carboot sales and find some gems like this and do more! and possibly sell them on if they're good enough!

 What do you guys think?:)

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Holiday purchases

Under a month till i go on holiday to Nice! so i thought it was time to go holiday shopping (didnt realise how soon it was!) ooops.

I took a trip to Westfields on sunday thinking i'll buy lots then, but i found it so hard to rummage through the sales so i thought i'd stick to what i know best, online shopping and discount codes!

I had a look on Romwe and bought this laaaavely black maxi dress! it has a low v and looks loose and breezy just what i want for the summer sun! and i also bought this white bikini with a black trim. Romwe has to be one of my favourites to shop online! reasonable and affordable prices for real nice garms!

I then went to have have a look on Fashion Union for the first time! and was nicely surprised with what lovely treats i could find and came across this white playsuit with yet another low v
feeling abit daring considering i'm a little self conscious of the top half of my body so i'm hoping, fingers crossed i'll like it just the same on me as they are on the models. 

Pictures will follow when they arrive!
What do you think of my holiday purchases so far?

Sunday, 13 July 2014

OOTD - layers

When the weather is being an odd ball i like nothing better than to layer items on, then i can get the best of both..
My newest and favourite item i own is this kaftan from h&m - having a good ol rummage in the High Wycombe store i came across it and considering this print is bang on trend at the mo, it was in the sale for £7!!! bargains are my favourite kind. Can't wait to see what other items i can style it with.