Friday, 24 January 2014


Since holographic has come big into the scene.. i've always liked the different items they come as but have never dared to buy anything till now.. i recently bought my first holographic item, a clutch bag which i'll soon be doing a blog post on..
Since then i have had an obsession with holographic anything these are a few beauties that i hunted down..

Sarah metallic pu sleeve bomber - £25.00
Love the contrast of the black ribbing against the holographic material.. delic-ious!
Would be a good wear for a casual look!
I love this flared, pleated skirt! would be peeerfect for a night out!

Chelo cut out sandals - £29.99
One thing i love about sandals is that you can wear socks when it's chilly outside and then when Mr sun pops out you can go bare! could dress these up for many occasions!

Radioactive snake bag - £24.37
Beautiful bag with a lovely texture to it! same again.. you could wear this beauty for so many different occasions!

I want them ALL!

 With each of the items, they'd be so easy to style with! as i hear people wondering what they would wear it with.. i personally always think of them as an accessory.. from jacket, dress to top, ect. as they are the statement piece that makes an outfit complete!
For example, the other night i went out and wore black everything and had my holographic clutch bag as my statement piece

Would you wear a holographic item.. and what would it be?

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