Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Valentine lovers

Valentines day is approaching and because of the stress third year at uni brings, i'll be locked away in my bedroom getting work done instead of seeing my boyfriend..
 So i thought i'd better cheer myself up by posting a few things that i love instead..

Anything that has a vintage style with lace detailing just automatically makes me think of 'romantic'
I aboslutely adore these items!
I'm a lover for unicorns so I had to put a unicorn necklace into the mix.. i just had too! I love how it's tied with a black cord.. gives it a stamp of individuality to the pretty accessory, dont ya think? gift ideas for all you unicorn lovers out there..
I thought this nastygal heart shaped shoulder bag was highly appropriate for this time of year! and how delicate looking and cute is it may i add?!
Valentines or no valentines.. everyone should treat themselves once in a while right?

I hope you enjoyed the items as much as i do!
And i hope everyone has a lovely valentines day if you do celebrate !


  1. Love this post idea! The red bra is HAWT sister!

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  2. isn't it just! i want them all so bad!