Friday, 3 January 2014

velvet tie dye

I should be doing uni work but what the hell, posting is better..
 I'm not one for normally wearing jeans, i always find that there too big or too small and whenever i bend over i always have to hold them up so my fat ass doesn't fall out.. 
i'm usually in dresses or in real thick tights and a super big T!
But I recently purchased these tie dye velvet peg trousers from asos, there so comfortable and has a nice stretch to it. it's nice to eat loads and for the trousers to expand.. i'm a little piggy at times!
I'm a black and grey kinda gal so these are perfect for my style of clothing.
And again i could easily dress these up or down from day to night wear
thanks asos!


  1. I always should be doing uni work but seem to find myself to easily distracted. Loving these trousers so much xx

  2. haha same here.. like now.. i'm blogging and watching telle.. ooopsy! thankyou! best purchase for a long while!