Thursday, 16 January 2014


Hey guys! so my friend the other day was asking about deodorants, because hers doesn't seem to work and i told her about what i use and then thought it was my duty to write a post about Driclor because it's bloody amazing and works! 

Flash back to my school days.. i used to get picked on alot when i was a young teenager for my sweating and smell and all the deodrants i tried always failed to do it's job!
I got so sick and tired of this problem and it started to make me super insecure about my appearance.. so i decided to see a doctor about this and to see what they could do for me.. he said i could either have an injection of botox into my armpits that last six months or i could try Driclor i immeditatly wanted to try the deodorant as i am so scared of needles! and to my surprise it worked after a few days of use! it was so strange to feel "normal"

You can buy this deodorant at any pharmacys from your local doctors, tescos, boots ect. if you do want to purchase this item make sure you ask for it over the counter because they don't sell it on the selves.
It's a roll on and it's around £6 a bottle and it lasts absolutely ages! best purchase i've ever got!

I do hope this helps anyone that has similar issues!!

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