Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Aveda black shampoo and conditioner.

 i've never been fully content with the colour of my hair... only until recently.. i've discovered a new product i never knew existed before - Aveda black shampoo and conditioner.

Now i've moved back home from university i went with a new hairdressers and I told them about the product i'd normally use, silver shampoo and told them i'm never content with it, as it always leaves a purple tone in my hair and they suggested i'd use this product, it has a similar role to the silver shampoo by knocking out any brassy tones ect. But making it more of a darker shade of grey but still having that ash/silver tone i've always wanted. So i thought what the heck i'll give it a go! i bought 1litre of the shampoo and 250ml of the conditioner and it came to just over £50 for both.
By using this product a couple of times a week and only using a small amount it'll last me a long ol' while.

Here is the result i have on my hair from using this product and i absolutely love it!

I hope this helps anyone that is struggling with getting a grey like this!