Monday, 6 January 2014

black and white

Yesterday i felt like doing a sales hunt.. 
and i came across these two items from boohoo.. but they weren't' sale items.. i searched for discount codes online and managed to find myself a code for 20% off.. it was my lucky day!
I'm not one for wearing long skirts.. but this caught my little eye! i love a bit of tartan and even more so that it's in black and white and it's also pleated all the way round. i just hope it'll look nice on (fingers and toes crossed!) i also bought the black turtle neck as i think they'll both work nice together! with a black belt, pair of black boots and a nice jacket to finish the look.. you can never go wrong with black and white!
Once they've arrived i'll take a few snaps and make another post then..
Skirt £20.00 Turtle neck £10.00
What do you think?


  1. You're going to look so cute Daisy! :)
    I'd love it with a fur gilet too!


  2. these will look so cute together with a pair of clunky boots! Do you have bloglovin? I'd like to follow you on there :)


  3. thanks girlies! i was still 50/50 over the skirt but you've definitely made me feel better about my purchase!
    i do allie it's..