Sunday, 19 January 2014

Wishlist - Winter warmers

This is my first ever wishlist post!
And now i feel ridiculously sad.. because i want them all! and i know i can't (secretly hoping my boyfriend will take a look at my blog and get some ideas for valentines day mwhehe!)
i've only recently started buying appropiate clothing for the next chilly months ahead! 
and I only just noticed when hanging my washing to dry that literally all of my clothes are black so i wanted to introduce some kind of colour to the mix! and what better way than deep shades of purple!
i think it's such a great warm colour to add in and it works amazingly well with black! winwin!
 I love this checked coat! definitely a coat i could dress up or wear casually in the day time.

Normally i'm not one for jumpers i find them all a tad boring but i absolutely love this! i like how it's slightly cropped and i love the tight fit of ribbing added on the bottom sleeve.. Makes it more chunky and qwirky.

 I haven't bought myself a pair of brogues in so long! and i think this pair are so pretty!

I've recently seen a couple of gals blogging about these backpacks and i think they are so beautiful! i know there a tad expensive but being leather i'm pretty sure they'd last for such a long period of time! moneys worth and all that jazz!

I can never get enough of vintage levi's jeans! i'm not normally one for wearing jeans as they are always too big or too small but with a waist belt added to it, it does the job nicely!

I love my purple lipsticks at the moment! and i'm definitely going to be adding this sassy number to my collection for sure!

I hope you liked this read..
anything grab your eye that you like?

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