Monday, 27 January 2014

new hur, new fur

 Back to blue
Last night i dyed my hair back to Blullini From Awkward Peach, It's my favourite colour of them all!
 i absolutely love BLEACH it's such a good/easy product to use, especially if you get bored of your hair colour constantly.. and at £5 a bottle you can't say no to that bargain!
 everyone should give it a try! especially if colour is your thing!
new garms.. fur

I recently bought my first ever fur coat.. how lovely is it?!
I'm normally not one for fur coats as i find alot of them look rather cheap and nasty! and alot of them i find are short, i dont like short coats.. non of them genuinly don't suit me.. i'm one for long coats!
 But this fits like a little dream.. This is a short fur, which is perfect for me! and even better it was long and in black. fate for sure!
I got this in the Topshop sale in Norwich was originally £90 down to £55 and also with 10% student discount i got it for £49 how could i possibly say no to that little treasure!?
I picked out a size 12 instead of a 10 i just love clothes being a tad oversized.. i find them more comfortable to wear, i cant stand clingy tight clothes!
 plus i can roll up the sleeves a little and it has a leather lining on the inside.. leather against fur is a winner!
Hope you enjoyed this little read
Let me know your thoughts of the products..

Friday, 24 January 2014


Since holographic has come big into the scene.. i've always liked the different items they come as but have never dared to buy anything till now.. i recently bought my first holographic item, a clutch bag which i'll soon be doing a blog post on..
Since then i have had an obsession with holographic anything these are a few beauties that i hunted down..

Sarah metallic pu sleeve bomber - £25.00
Love the contrast of the black ribbing against the holographic material.. delic-ious!
Would be a good wear for a casual look!
I love this flared, pleated skirt! would be peeerfect for a night out!

Chelo cut out sandals - £29.99
One thing i love about sandals is that you can wear socks when it's chilly outside and then when Mr sun pops out you can go bare! could dress these up for many occasions!

Radioactive snake bag - £24.37
Beautiful bag with a lovely texture to it! same again.. you could wear this beauty for so many different occasions!

I want them ALL!

 With each of the items, they'd be so easy to style with! as i hear people wondering what they would wear it with.. i personally always think of them as an accessory.. from jacket, dress to top, ect. as they are the statement piece that makes an outfit complete!
For example, the other night i went out and wore black everything and had my holographic clutch bag as my statement piece

Would you wear a holographic item.. and what would it be?

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Valentine lovers

Valentines day is approaching and because of the stress third year at uni brings, i'll be locked away in my bedroom getting work done instead of seeing my boyfriend..
 So i thought i'd better cheer myself up by posting a few things that i love instead..

Anything that has a vintage style with lace detailing just automatically makes me think of 'romantic'
I aboslutely adore these items!
I'm a lover for unicorns so I had to put a unicorn necklace into the mix.. i just had too! I love how it's tied with a black cord.. gives it a stamp of individuality to the pretty accessory, dont ya think? gift ideas for all you unicorn lovers out there..
I thought this nastygal heart shaped shoulder bag was highly appropriate for this time of year! and how delicate looking and cute is it may i add?!
Valentines or no valentines.. everyone should treat themselves once in a while right?

I hope you enjoyed the items as much as i do!
And i hope everyone has a lovely valentines day if you do celebrate !

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Wishlist - Winter warmers

This is my first ever wishlist post!
And now i feel ridiculously sad.. because i want them all! and i know i can't (secretly hoping my boyfriend will take a look at my blog and get some ideas for valentines day mwhehe!)
i've only recently started buying appropiate clothing for the next chilly months ahead! 
and I only just noticed when hanging my washing to dry that literally all of my clothes are black so i wanted to introduce some kind of colour to the mix! and what better way than deep shades of purple!
i think it's such a great warm colour to add in and it works amazingly well with black! winwin!
 I love this checked coat! definitely a coat i could dress up or wear casually in the day time.

Normally i'm not one for jumpers i find them all a tad boring but i absolutely love this! i like how it's slightly cropped and i love the tight fit of ribbing added on the bottom sleeve.. Makes it more chunky and qwirky.

 I haven't bought myself a pair of brogues in so long! and i think this pair are so pretty!

I've recently seen a couple of gals blogging about these backpacks and i think they are so beautiful! i know there a tad expensive but being leather i'm pretty sure they'd last for such a long period of time! moneys worth and all that jazz!

I can never get enough of vintage levi's jeans! i'm not normally one for wearing jeans as they are always too big or too small but with a waist belt added to it, it does the job nicely!

I love my purple lipsticks at the moment! and i'm definitely going to be adding this sassy number to my collection for sure!

I hope you liked this read..
anything grab your eye that you like?

Review - Phonecase

 I recently got in contact with Mr. Nutcase if i could review one of there personalised phonecases on my blog.. luckily they very kindly said yes!
 i chose two photos of my gorgeous girls, Molly and Twix. How adorable are they?!
 Being my babies and away at uni i miss them ALL the time and what better way to look at them constantly than on my phonecase!
You can take a pick of many different frames you'd like to collage on and from just £14.95 and free shipping world wide with next day delivery you can't complain with that bargain!
It's a ideal for presents for family and friends with that personalised touch!

What would you have on your phonecase?

Thursday, 16 January 2014

my amazing, inspiring big sis!

My blog will normally be fashion related but i had to write a post about how inspiring my big sister is!
Tomorrow she turns 34 and for many people its about turning another year older but for her this is incredible.

My sister was born with Cystic Fibrosis which is a disease that effects most critically her lungs you can never get rid of it.. and it also shortens life expectancy.
 She was told by doctors she wouldn't past her sixteenth birthday and now look at her!
I'm super proud!
 This year shes been helping spreading the word of CF and making people known to it as not many people know what it is. She's done an article for the daily mail, Reveal magazine, shes been on This Morning and there is still many more to come!

she's gone through so much in her years and still is, but she still keeps a smile on that pretty face of hers!
Happy birthday you incredible lady!
I'm so proud to have her as my big sis


Hey guys! so my friend the other day was asking about deodorants, because hers doesn't seem to work and i told her about what i use and then thought it was my duty to write a post about Driclor because it's bloody amazing and works! 

Flash back to my school days.. i used to get picked on alot when i was a young teenager for my sweating and smell and all the deodrants i tried always failed to do it's job!
I got so sick and tired of this problem and it started to make me super insecure about my appearance.. so i decided to see a doctor about this and to see what they could do for me.. he said i could either have an injection of botox into my armpits that last six months or i could try Driclor i immeditatly wanted to try the deodorant as i am so scared of needles! and to my surprise it worked after a few days of use! it was so strange to feel "normal"

You can buy this deodorant at any pharmacys from your local doctors, tescos, boots ect. if you do want to purchase this item make sure you ask for it over the counter because they don't sell it on the selves.
It's a roll on and it's around £6 a bottle and it lasts absolutely ages! best purchase i've ever got!

I do hope this helps anyone that has similar issues!!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

london - new purchases


yesterday i went fabric shopping in London for the day with some of my gal palz, so i thought this would be a good time to wear my new purchases! 
I've recently bought a new lipstick from collection, it's my favourite lipstick I've bought for a long while! it's a deep red colour called 'Gothic glam' revenge 3 it's £2.99 but please don't be afraid of the the price tag, i know some people might think it's too cheap but it really isn't!
 It stays on for such a long period of time i only have to retouch after I've eaten ect.. like normally the same with any other lipstick. big prices aren't always best!


My new black and white pleated tartan skirt from boohoo this was £20 but if you look for discount codes online you can get 20% off so do make sure before you buy from any clothing website you look for a code before hand.. i do love a bargain if i can find one!
I was super worried i wasn't going to like the fit of this skirt as this is so different to what i'd normally wear, but i do absolutely love it!
 The width of the skirt is so wide.. but it gives it the flowy-ness it needs! when i walk it has a mind of it's own.
To accessorise this outfit to my own taste i put the smallest things to it, and it changed it completely!
 putting my belt with it just to separate it, my chunky boots and leather jacket was key for me! 

What do you guys think of my new purchases? 

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Friday, 10 January 2014

Design ideas - religion

thought i'd show you guys a little of what i've been doing this morning..
Originally my concept was religious inspired and i've just been bringing that forward with more related fashion imagery..
As i'm absolutely rubbish at drawing i always turn to photoshop to create my design ideas.. 
i do love abit of collage! 

What do you think? 

Monday, 6 January 2014

black and white

Yesterday i felt like doing a sales hunt.. 
and i came across these two items from boohoo.. but they weren't' sale items.. i searched for discount codes online and managed to find myself a code for 20% off.. it was my lucky day!
I'm not one for wearing long skirts.. but this caught my little eye! i love a bit of tartan and even more so that it's in black and white and it's also pleated all the way round. i just hope it'll look nice on (fingers and toes crossed!) i also bought the black turtle neck as i think they'll both work nice together! with a black belt, pair of black boots and a nice jacket to finish the look.. you can never go wrong with black and white!
Once they've arrived i'll take a few snaps and make another post then..
Skirt £20.00 Turtle neck £10.00
What do you think?

back to school

Afternoon guys.. so today was my first day back at uni after the christmas holidays and may i say what a shit day that was!
anyways.. i had to wear my new uni bag ofcourse! and i absolutely love it!
It's from ASOS but it's recently gone out of stock because of the sales. boohooo.
It has a faux fur insert which is teal green and it's a favourite colour of mine.. it was meant to be!
considering it looks rather small it's wider than i expected which is a bonus.. as i can fit in all of my uni bits and pieces! yay for me

Friday, 3 January 2014

bleach/unicorn hair

I couldn't not write a post on this stuff. it's the best!
Best part of my hair being a blank canvas at the moment is for bleach colours. i have an obsession with bright coloured hair at the moment, normally i'm silver.. (Phillip Schofield is my inspiration silver fox babe!)
I first dyed my hair with the colour Blullini i absolutely adored this colour and then i saw the awkward peach and thought that was next on my list.. i think once my awkward peach obsession fades i'll go back to Blullini but it's so hard because there is so many colours to choose from but they are most definitely my top 2!
For the colour being £5 a bottle i'd say that's an amazing prize for what it is! although if you use a bottle it normally fades quite quickly.. but if your wanting to use the product a tip for you is to buy a couple of bottles and use it like shampoo use a little and it'll go far! trust me. overall an amazing product to experiment with, especially if your the type of person that gets bored of your hair quite quickly.

velvet tie dye

I should be doing uni work but what the hell, posting is better..
 I'm not one for normally wearing jeans, i always find that there too big or too small and whenever i bend over i always have to hold them up so my fat ass doesn't fall out.. 
i'm usually in dresses or in real thick tights and a super big T!
But I recently purchased these tie dye velvet peg trousers from asos, there so comfortable and has a nice stretch to it. it's nice to eat loads and for the trousers to expand.. i'm a little piggy at times!
I'm a black and grey kinda gal so these are perfect for my style of clothing.
And again i could easily dress these up or down from day to night wear
thanks asos!