Friday, 3 January 2014

bleach/unicorn hair

I couldn't not write a post on this stuff. it's the best!
Best part of my hair being a blank canvas at the moment is for bleach colours. i have an obsession with bright coloured hair at the moment, normally i'm silver.. (Phillip Schofield is my inspiration silver fox babe!)
I first dyed my hair with the colour Blullini i absolutely adored this colour and then i saw the awkward peach and thought that was next on my list.. i think once my awkward peach obsession fades i'll go back to Blullini but it's so hard because there is so many colours to choose from but they are most definitely my top 2!
For the colour being £5 a bottle i'd say that's an amazing prize for what it is! although if you use a bottle it normally fades quite quickly.. but if your wanting to use the product a tip for you is to buy a couple of bottles and use it like shampoo use a little and it'll go far! trust me. overall an amazing product to experiment with, especially if your the type of person that gets bored of your hair quite quickly.

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  1. Beautiful!! I want green hair or pink...or blue haha xxx