Monday, 15 December 2014


The past few months i have been super busy and haven't found the time to make a post BUT thats all changed now.. I'm finding the time to fit it in as it's what i love to do!

Now it's bloody freezing outside i needed to invest in a decent pair of everyday boots.
I came across the brand Wanderland. at the Clothes Show Live and saw these boots out the corner of my eye, I do love a chunky boot! and dragged my sister over to their stand to try them on. I was overly happy with the price i purchased them for was £35.00 I was so pleased! now my feet can stay comfortable and warm all winter!

Coat topshop last year/top H&M/Long cardigan Primark/Jeans Primark/Boots Wanderland.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Aveda black shampoo and conditioner.

 i've never been fully content with the colour of my hair... only until recently.. i've discovered a new product i never knew existed before - Aveda black shampoo and conditioner.

Now i've moved back home from university i went with a new hairdressers and I told them about the product i'd normally use, silver shampoo and told them i'm never content with it, as it always leaves a purple tone in my hair and they suggested i'd use this product, it has a similar role to the silver shampoo by knocking out any brassy tones ect. But making it more of a darker shade of grey but still having that ash/silver tone i've always wanted. So i thought what the heck i'll give it a go! i bought 1litre of the shampoo and 250ml of the conditioner and it came to just over £50 for both.
By using this product a couple of times a week and only using a small amount it'll last me a long ol' while.

Here is the result i have on my hair from using this product and i absolutely love it!

I hope this helps anyone that is struggling with getting a grey like this!


Saturday, 16 August 2014

Holiday looks - OOTD/WEEK

I've recently just got back from my Holiday to Nice. And these are a few outfits i put together over the week i spent there.

First outfit - night/beach wear

I absoutely loved wearing this dress over the holiday it was an item that was super easy to wear for both day and night all i added to nightwear was a belt to bring it in a little and waaalaa!


Black maxi dress - Romwe.

Second outfit -  layers

Layering light weight fabrics together for a care free, laid back vibe.

Chiffon top - Missguided / Kaftan - h&m / Shorts - h&m / Sandals - h&m

Third outfit - Smart/Casual 

i've  wanted a duster coat for a while now, and was waiting till i found the perfect one for me, and this is the one, it's a crepe fabric so it's not too light and not too heavy so i can easily wear it in the different seasons. A perfect item i can wear to many different occasions.

Duster coat - Missguided / Crop top - h&m / Trousers - h&m / Sandals - h&m 

Fourth outfit - Summer 

Wanted to buy a basic short,black dress for a while and even though it's black it still adds a little bit of summer to the look.

Dress - Missguided / Belt - h&m (mens) / Duster coat - Missguided / heels - Primark

Hope you guys like my outfits. Let me know what is your favourite :)

Monday, 28 July 2014

OOTD - lazy wear + a little D.I.Y

 A relaxed weekend doing absolutely bugger all, calls for wearing lazy wear.. my favourite kind.

I wasn't too sure whether to post this or not, as it isn't very relevant to my blog but i am super proud of it.. I saved this cute box from going into a bonfire and gave it some tlc a little wash, sanding down and paint and it looks brand new! now what to put in it?..

I now have the urge to go to carboot sales and find some gems like this and do more! and possibly sell them on if they're good enough!

 What do you guys think?:)

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Holiday purchases

Under a month till i go on holiday to Nice! so i thought it was time to go holiday shopping (didnt realise how soon it was!) ooops.

I took a trip to Westfields on sunday thinking i'll buy lots then, but i found it so hard to rummage through the sales so i thought i'd stick to what i know best, online shopping and discount codes!

I had a look on Romwe and bought this laaaavely black maxi dress! it has a low v and looks loose and breezy just what i want for the summer sun! and i also bought this white bikini with a black trim. Romwe has to be one of my favourites to shop online! reasonable and affordable prices for real nice garms!

I then went to have have a look on Fashion Union for the first time! and was nicely surprised with what lovely treats i could find and came across this white playsuit with yet another low v
feeling abit daring considering i'm a little self conscious of the top half of my body so i'm hoping, fingers crossed i'll like it just the same on me as they are on the models. 

Pictures will follow when they arrive!
What do you think of my holiday purchases so far?

Sunday, 13 July 2014

OOTD - layers

When the weather is being an odd ball i like nothing better than to layer items on, then i can get the best of both..
My newest and favourite item i own is this kaftan from h&m - having a good ol rummage in the High Wycombe store i came across it and considering this print is bang on trend at the mo, it was in the sale for £7!!! bargains are my favourite kind. Can't wait to see what other items i can style it with.

Thursday, 10 July 2014


After the last three years spent at uni, i have finally graduated!
I now have a degree in fashion and it feels so good!
free at last!

 The best part about going to university, is getting to know amazing people and making friends for life.. and these girls are it! from the words of Deaf Havana.. you'll never know friends like these!

And most importantly, family!
my mum, sisters, brother and boyfriend!

I've had the best three years of my life and looking forward to whats next!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

OOTD - sunday fun-day

Considering Sundays are normally miserable as it's the end of the weekend, i had one of the best sundays!
Go karting - bbq -  champagne and more champagne

My best friend came to visit me last weekend as i haven't seen her in a while as i was finishing my final year at uni and she bought me a belated birthday present - this ring! isn't it amazing?!!?! i'm never taking it off..  ever.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

new things

Was treated to a belated birthday dinner/cocktails from my sis and had to wear my newest purchases!

I've been meaning to buy a pair of black skinny jeans for a while but i could never find any that were comfortable.. i always struggle to find a decent pair. They're always too big or too small.
i had a little stroll into h&m at the weekend and saw that these were in the sale for £4 and were orginally £6.99 i think!.. either way was still a barg! and they fit like a dream!

i also bought these black cleated sole ankle boots last week from PublicDesire. They have so many lovely shoes, especially for the summer! i wish i could have them all and they're all at amazing prices too.. and the delievery is super quick! I absolutely luuuurve my new buy! and they are super comfy which never happens with me and boots.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer

I've been wanting a product similar to the Limecrime, Velvetines for a while.. as recently just finishing uni and not having a job for the time being, it wasnt in my price range.
I then heard that MUA products has something very similar caled Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer and it's so cheap being £3.00 each i couldn't say no to buying a few to try out!
so i bought two colours to try.. Kooky and Reckless
as being a fan for dark lipsticks, they are the two deepest shades they have in their range.

Firstly when testing them out at the store (superdrug) i noticed when putting a little on my hand it wouldnt rub off atall, good sign!

When applying the applicators to my lips it seems that you only have to use a little, as it spreads really well! it also dried pretty much instant to a matte clean finish, it was peeerfect! the only times it started to come off was when eating, but i don't mind that. 

you definitly get your moneys worth!
I'd suggest this product if you're looking for a reasonable price, it does the job!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

my second day at GFW 14

After three years of hard work it all paid off yesterday by showing my final collection at Graduate Fashion Week. Having my two sisters, brother and mumma coming to see it, it was the best feeling and the best way to end uni with.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

GFW 14

So.. Graduate Fashion Week has offically started.. finally!
Yesterday i attended helping out at my University stand (Norwich University of the Arts.)

Putting my outfit together, i thought i'd go with the trusty ol' Monochrome look. As everything i recently own is black and white, you just can't go wrong!
I normally never really wear trousers and tops but recently i'm all over it! especially if it's loose fitting.

After finishing my third and final year at uni i had to treat myself to some gems so.. I let myself loose in the h&m Norwich store, as i'm loving there amazing bargz at the moment for summer wear!

Anyways here is the outfit i wore yesterday..

Sunglasses - Topshop
 Hair cuff - Ebay
Tattoo Choker - Ebay
Oversized clutch - Oxfam
White crop top -H&M
Leather biker jacket -H&M
Trousers -H&M
Boots - Newlook

Monday, 26 May 2014

NUA fashion show

Really sorry for having not posted anything for a while, I’ve been super busy with the last couple of weeks before finishing my final year at university.. but on friday i handed in my last ever project! 
sign of relief!

So i thought I’d do a post on my very stressful but fun experience within the last couple of weeks…

We had Betty Jackson and Hilary Alexander come into the university for our selection day, choosing the collections that will be shown at the NUA fashion show and at London graduate fashion week..
Luckily for me, I found out that my collection will be shown at both shows.. I was over the moon!!!
 And as i've been doing recent posts on my progression with my collection, I thought i'd show you guys a few snaps of my collection that were taken from the NUA show.

Sisters Autumn/Winter 14-15

What is your favourite garment?
Hope you like my collection!

Monday, 14 April 2014

summer sandals

 Latest obsession of mine is with heeled sandals.
I absolutely love them, there the perfect style of shoes for me this spring/summer.
there the kind of shoe i could easily style up or down for occasions.
 I'm a sucker for a chunky heel, always.

These are a few of my favourites that i've come across.

Vagabond lindi leather white platform - £75.00

Dr. Martens Gryphon sandals - £90.00

Vagabond Dioon multi strap - £65.00

Black cleated sole sandals - £40.00

Sunday, 13 April 2014

stripping coloured hair

I thought their would be others that are having the same dilemma that i've been having.. So i deicided to do a post on how i've been stripping colour.
I dyed my hair blullini from the brand Bleach London the colour was great but when it started to fade it was a horrible green (toxic,stilton cheese looking colour) and i didnt know how to get rid of it that didn't include alot of money (being a student and all that jazz)
 nothing seemed to work and then i asked an old friend of mine what she did as she used blullini also..
Rinse hair and dry till it's damp, use about 5 crushed vitamin c tablets and mix it with head&shoulders shampoo and then wrap it in cling film for a few hours and make sure you use plenty of conditioner after as it drys out the hair a little.
It took me a couple of weeks to get it to how it is now but it worked a treat! when rinsing it out i could see so much colour coming out.
I used this method a few times till it was as light as it could get.
It's now a real light green but it helped it loads and it was cheap to do! so now when i go to the hairdressers it'll be easier to go back to white
i highly suggest using this!
Heres a few photos i found from when i was blue till now.

I hope this helps!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


My almost - nearly - finished coat.
Fabric - 100% wool 

I'm super duper happy with the result of this design and make that i've achieved.
Adding a dark brown belt into the garment, but i didnt want it all the way around the design so i decided to unpicked the side seam that has the flared side and also the lining to the width of the belt so i can put it through. Putting the belt under the coat and then coming out through the side seam so it only shows a little and gathers the flared side slightly.

I'll be using snap fastenings down the centre of the design instead of buttons as i want a simplicity look to the coat, all clean cut.
(sorry for the awful quality of the images, i really need to invest in a camera and not rely on my phone.) 

Hope you guys like!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Today i completed my second skirt for my collection.. hoooraaah!
same as the skirt in my previous post - but in white!

Front, side and back 

 Let me know what you guys think of my collection so far!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Black on Black

Being super busy in my final year at university I haven’t had time to do any recent posts, so I thought I’d make a post on what I’ve recently been getting up to with my final collection.
To all reading and don't know what my collection is based on it's inspired by religion wear, mainly nuns..
When looking at my research it seems that alot of imagery i have sourced are mainly by the incredible designer Yohji Yamamoto, for mixing masculinity with femininity to having oversized, loose garments and for his use of dark colour palettes. He is a genius!
when looking for silhouettes, my key words are volume and an exagerated length i found that his work really related to these words and for what i was going for with the collection
Currently been working on two of my final skirts and today I completed my first skirt! Pheeeeww! Sigh of relief, getting that one step closer to finishing!
 I invested in 5.5 metres of this black silk taffeta, it’s amazing to work with and for the shape and volume I was trying to create. Even now it's all sewn together and finished i can still create different shapes with it by just using my hands as it has a stiff, papery feel to it!

Here is a collage of photos i put together of the finished skirt font,side and back
You can also look at designers i'm researching here 
 Hope you guys like!

Monday, 24 February 2014

bargain love-R

The last couple of weeks i've gone a little crazy for shopping bargains, (thats always how i can justify paying for my gems) hehe.

I'm not one for normally visiting Bank, but i went the other week with my friend as she was picking up an item she ordered and i saw this huge basket full of bags for sale and my My holographic clutch was on top of the pile, it was fate, for sure! It was orignally £20.00 and i got it for £5.00!!!! i couldn't be happier with my little treasure!

Kaftan from H&M - £5.99
i absolutely love this sheer number, Although it doesn't really have a purpose to anything.. but it just looks amazing on!
it has high slits on both sides, it's great to wear on a night out and when it's the summer time it'll be out both day and night, just to cover up a little so i'm not showing off to much flesh.
 i'm super excited to see what other clothes of mine i can put it with.

Textured skort from Topshop (i got this pair in store, reason why there isnt a link. But i found a pair in a similar shape here
They were originally £40.00 and in the sale they went to £15.00 and by using my student card i got it for £12.00

Bargains are the best kind!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

if you're 555 then i'm 666

Recently i have been reminiscing over the music i used to listen too in my teenage years.. i was a typical emo kid
And one of my favourite bands was Slipknot, ofcourse!
my friend mentioned the other day there was a vintage t-shirt of slipknot on sale at Taxi Vintage (Norwich market) and i had to go! it was only £3 i couldn't possibly say no!
i paired it up with some mom jeans from Topshop and a pair of chunky boots from asos to give it a slight grunge aspect to the look!

Who was your favourite band when growing up?
Let me know what ya think!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

ma goodies

A couple of days ago i found a lovely parcel from h&m on my bed! i do love coming home to a delivery!
I bought this oversized shirt/dress from H&M i absolutely love it!
Super comfortable! i'm a big big lover for big, baggy clothes! they are my absolute favourite kind! nothing worse than feeling clingy and uncomfortable, tight clothes is a nono!
Aswell as the shirt, i bought an eleven pack of rings in silver, with a frosted/glitter surface.
 i've wanted some for a while now but i'm constantly on the look out for better bargains and this most defintly is, there only £3.99! how could i possibly say no to that. And as i'm obsessed with online discount codes i found a code which took £5 off.
for £22 for both and delivery i'd say that was pretty damn good!

The other day i went into Primark to buy a few bits and bobs and when i went to pay this bag caught my eye over the counter.. a my little pony bag! re-living my childhood at it's best! aswell as a lover for unicorns and anything sparkly and glitterly! and at only £3! thankyou Primark that bag has made my week!

Hope you guys liked my new treats!

Monday, 27 January 2014

new hur, new fur

 Back to blue
Last night i dyed my hair back to Blullini From Awkward Peach, It's my favourite colour of them all!
 i absolutely love BLEACH it's such a good/easy product to use, especially if you get bored of your hair colour constantly.. and at £5 a bottle you can't say no to that bargain!
 everyone should give it a try! especially if colour is your thing!
new garms.. fur

I recently bought my first ever fur coat.. how lovely is it?!
I'm normally not one for fur coats as i find alot of them look rather cheap and nasty! and alot of them i find are short, i dont like short coats.. non of them genuinly don't suit me.. i'm one for long coats!
 But this fits like a little dream.. This is a short fur, which is perfect for me! and even better it was long and in black. fate for sure!
I got this in the Topshop sale in Norwich was originally £90 down to £55 and also with 10% student discount i got it for £49 how could i possibly say no to that little treasure!?
I picked out a size 12 instead of a 10 i just love clothes being a tad oversized.. i find them more comfortable to wear, i cant stand clingy tight clothes!
 plus i can roll up the sleeves a little and it has a leather lining on the inside.. leather against fur is a winner!
Hope you enjoyed this little read
Let me know your thoughts of the products..

Friday, 24 January 2014


Since holographic has come big into the scene.. i've always liked the different items they come as but have never dared to buy anything till now.. i recently bought my first holographic item, a clutch bag which i'll soon be doing a blog post on..
Since then i have had an obsession with holographic anything these are a few beauties that i hunted down..

Sarah metallic pu sleeve bomber - £25.00
Love the contrast of the black ribbing against the holographic material.. delic-ious!
Would be a good wear for a casual look!
I love this flared, pleated skirt! would be peeerfect for a night out!

Chelo cut out sandals - £29.99
One thing i love about sandals is that you can wear socks when it's chilly outside and then when Mr sun pops out you can go bare! could dress these up for many occasions!

Radioactive snake bag - £24.37
Beautiful bag with a lovely texture to it! same again.. you could wear this beauty for so many different occasions!

I want them ALL!

 With each of the items, they'd be so easy to style with! as i hear people wondering what they would wear it with.. i personally always think of them as an accessory.. from jacket, dress to top, ect. as they are the statement piece that makes an outfit complete!
For example, the other night i went out and wore black everything and had my holographic clutch bag as my statement piece

Would you wear a holographic item.. and what would it be?

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Valentine lovers

Valentines day is approaching and because of the stress third year at uni brings, i'll be locked away in my bedroom getting work done instead of seeing my boyfriend..
 So i thought i'd better cheer myself up by posting a few things that i love instead..

Anything that has a vintage style with lace detailing just automatically makes me think of 'romantic'
I aboslutely adore these items!
I'm a lover for unicorns so I had to put a unicorn necklace into the mix.. i just had too! I love how it's tied with a black cord.. gives it a stamp of individuality to the pretty accessory, dont ya think? gift ideas for all you unicorn lovers out there..
I thought this nastygal heart shaped shoulder bag was highly appropriate for this time of year! and how delicate looking and cute is it may i add?!
Valentines or no valentines.. everyone should treat themselves once in a while right?

I hope you enjoyed the items as much as i do!
And i hope everyone has a lovely valentines day if you do celebrate !