Sunday, 13 April 2014

stripping coloured hair

I thought their would be others that are having the same dilemma that i've been having.. So i deicided to do a post on how i've been stripping colour.
I dyed my hair blullini from the brand Bleach London the colour was great but when it started to fade it was a horrible green (toxic,stilton cheese looking colour) and i didnt know how to get rid of it that didn't include alot of money (being a student and all that jazz)
 nothing seemed to work and then i asked an old friend of mine what she did as she used blullini also..
Rinse hair and dry till it's damp, use about 5 crushed vitamin c tablets and mix it with head&shoulders shampoo and then wrap it in cling film for a few hours and make sure you use plenty of conditioner after as it drys out the hair a little.
It took me a couple of weeks to get it to how it is now but it worked a treat! when rinsing it out i could see so much colour coming out.
I used this method a few times till it was as light as it could get.
It's now a real light green but it helped it loads and it was cheap to do! so now when i go to the hairdressers it'll be easier to go back to white
i highly suggest using this!
Heres a few photos i found from when i was blue till now.

I hope this helps!


  1. Wow, that's a great tip! Vitamin c? I never would have thought of that. My hair is going to get bleached blonde soon I hope...I can't wait! Xxx

  2. haha yeah same, i'm not entirely sure whats in it that helps it, but it works! bleached hair is the best kind! x