Wednesday, 9 April 2014


My almost - nearly - finished coat.
Fabric - 100% wool 

I'm super duper happy with the result of this design and make that i've achieved.
Adding a dark brown belt into the garment, but i didnt want it all the way around the design so i decided to unpicked the side seam that has the flared side and also the lining to the width of the belt so i can put it through. Putting the belt under the coat and then coming out through the side seam so it only shows a little and gathers the flared side slightly.

I'll be using snap fastenings down the centre of the design instead of buttons as i want a simplicity look to the coat, all clean cut.
(sorry for the awful quality of the images, i really need to invest in a camera and not rely on my phone.) 

Hope you guys like!

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