Monday, 7 April 2014

Black on Black

Being super busy in my final year at university I haven’t had time to do any recent posts, so I thought I’d make a post on what I’ve recently been getting up to with my final collection.
To all reading and don't know what my collection is based on it's inspired by religion wear, mainly nuns..
When looking at my research it seems that alot of imagery i have sourced are mainly by the incredible designer Yohji Yamamoto, for mixing masculinity with femininity to having oversized, loose garments and for his use of dark colour palettes. He is a genius!
when looking for silhouettes, my key words are volume and an exagerated length i found that his work really related to these words and for what i was going for with the collection
Currently been working on two of my final skirts and today I completed my first skirt! Pheeeeww! Sigh of relief, getting that one step closer to finishing!
 I invested in 5.5 metres of this black silk taffeta, it’s amazing to work with and for the shape and volume I was trying to create. Even now it's all sewn together and finished i can still create different shapes with it by just using my hands as it has a stiff, papery feel to it!

Here is a collage of photos i put together of the finished skirt font,side and back
You can also look at designers i'm researching here 
 Hope you guys like!

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